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Behavioral Health Services

To date, Bernalillo County and the City of Albuquerque have infused more than $20 million toward Behavioral Health Initiative projects that resulted from recommendations by the subcommittees. Below are brief descriptions and committed annual funding of each of the projects approved thus far.


Community Connections Supportive Housing – $1.3 Million per year BernCo/$500,000 CABQ

Provides intensive case management and services linked with scattered site housing to a target population of homeless or precariously housed persons with mental illness or co-occurring disorders or other disabilities and whose lack of community based services have resulted in criminal justice system involvement or frequent utilizers of emergency room and other services.

Status: Implemented May 2017

Single-site Permanent Supportive Housing – up to $4 million Capital Investment; $1 million for vouchers/services

The joint city/county project provides 40 to 60 individual housing units with on-site services for single adults aged 18 or older who are homeless or precariously housed; who have a diagnosable mental, behavioral or emotional disorder, substance abuse disorders, and/or serious mental illness.

Status: RFP in process

Youth Transitional Living (YTL) – $800,000 per year

YTL services are for at-risk youth who are precariously housed or homeless with a mental health or addiction diagnosis. This initiative also provides a housing bridge to youth, who would otherwise would continue to be detained at YDC due to lack of safe transitional housing.

Status: Implemented May 2018

Short Term Housing / Sober Living – $1 million

Provide housing vouchers for individuals who are adults in Bernalillo County aged 18 or older and who have completed a treatment program of 28 days or longer, in MDC or in the community, and individuals who are adults in Bernalillo County aged 18 or older and who have a substance use disorder, and/or have a serious mental illness who are receiving BHI-funded services. Status: RFP in Process


Community Engagement Teams – up to $1 million per year

Community Engagement Teams (CETs) help people and their families voluntarily cope with the effects of mental illness and substance abuse disorders in the comfort of their homes and communities pre and post crisis.

Status: Implemented February 2018

Education and Training – $3 million over three years

This effort provides education and training targeting behavioral health awareness, community training, such as Mental Health First Aid and train-the-trainer programs, to raise awareness, understanding, and skills to deal with behavioral health issues.

Status: RFP in process

Suicide Prevention -$1,000,000

This initiative addresses the problem of suicide that concentrate on enhancing protective factors and reducing risk factors. The intended target population includes youth under the age of 18 and adults aged 18 or older who experience suicidal ideation or who are at risk for suicide in Bernalillo County.

Status: RFP in Process

Reduction of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) – $3 million per year

Bernalillo County is supporting at risk children and their families across the full continuum of services including primary prevention, identification, early intervention, support and treatment, harm reduction, outreach, and services in children’s homes and within the community.

Status: Implemented June 2017

Bridging Behavioral Health – $200,000

Implement a social marketing initiative that targets specific audiences in an effort to increase awareness of, and access to behavioral health services in the County. Additionally, consistent dissemination of accurate information about the BHI and how to access services and engage in wellness will be made available through outreach, a dedicated website, interactive social media, mobile apps, paid media, and Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

Status: In Process


Peer Driven Drop-in Support Services – $300,000 per year

Peer driven drop-in support services provide a place where fellow participants support one another and receive services in order to assist each other in maintaining their current level of care in the community.

Status: Implemented September 2018

Peer Case Management – $620,000 per year

This intervention is a peer case management approach to help individuals 14 or older with a primary diagnosis of mental illness. This proposal draws from Strengths-based Case Management and Peer Case Management.

Status: RFP in process

Case Management for Substance Abuse Disorder – $750,000 per year/CABQ funded

Provides intensive case management (ICM) services for individuals with substance use disorders to help navigate a complex service system and to obtain access to treatment and services that support and sustain recovery.

Status: Implemented October 2018

LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion) -$250,000 annually

The implementation of a Bernalillo County LEAD program is designed to reduce the number of individuals with SMI and/or a SUD who commit low level crimes and cycle through the jail rather than be linked to the health and social services they need. APD bike patrol officers will be trained to identify and appropriately divert individuals to case managers develop a treatment plan, and link individuals to health and social services.

Status: Implemented July 2019


Mobile Crisis Teams – $1 million BernCo/$456,291 CABQ

Mobile Crisis Teams are a City of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County collaboration that responds to individuals experiencing a nonviolent behavioral health crisis that necessitates a 911-response. Consisting of a crisis intervention unit deputy paired with a masters’ level, behavioral health clinician.

Status: Implemented February 2018

Transition Planning and Re-entry Resource Center – $1,341,188 in year one; $1,041,188 annually thereafter

This project includes supports transition planners at MDC and creates a Re-entry Resource Center (RRC) for an effective front door to a network of services.

Status: Implemented May 2018

Expansion of Behavioral Health Crisis and Stabilization Services -$3,000,000 annually

In order to address the gaps in the crisis continuum, the Department of Behavioral Health Services and the University of New Mexico Hospital agree to collaborate and expand crisis and stabilization services.

Status: In Progress


UNM’s Institute for Social Research (UNM/ISR) – $246,553 per year

Data analysis and evaluation to help identify target populations and best practices of services, as well as measures on the effectiveness of implemented services.

Status: Implemented July 2016

Department Of Behavioral Health Services
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