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County Restaurant Workers Urged to Wear Masks and Gloves

Bernalillo County, in keeping with state mandates, directives and recommendations, is urging all restaurants to adhere to New Mexico Health and Environment Department guidance that all restaurant employees providing curbside, take-out, or delivery service wear a protective mask and gloves while performing these services.

It is recommended that workers use basic face masks rather than the N-95 or surgical masks as those should be reserved for medical first responders.

Other New Mexico public health order requirements:

· No more than five customers are allowed inside the food facility to pick up an order

· All customers must maintain the proper six-foot social distancing

· Food workers may not work with food if they have symptoms consistent with COVID 19

· Food facility operations and staff must be minimized to the greatest extent possible

· Food facility employees must adhere to proper social distancing and avoid person-to-person contact

· Employees should wash their hands often

Other recommendations for food facilities include:

· Minimize contact with customer items, such as credit cards

· After handling a credit card, employees must wash hands or use sanitizer before serving the next customer

· Increase the frequency of sanitation of all surfaces

· Re-train staff on proper sanitation practices

· Do not allow the use of containers brought to the facility by customers, such as travel mugs or growlers

· Ensure that employees do not handle ready-to-eat foods with bare hands, as required by law

Links to the recommendations can be found on the website.

Link – English

Link - Spanish

Questions regarding these new recommendations or previously established requirements should be addressed to the New Mexico Environment Department at 800-219-6157. Additional information can be found at

The Bernalillo County Planning and Development Services health protection team can be reached at (505) 314-0310.



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