Bernalillo County's Solid Waste Program provides low-income assistance for qualifying customers residing in the unincorporated areas of Bernalillo County by reducing their quarterly bill.  

The Solid Waste Low Income Program staff determines eligibility based on income guidelines provided by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These guidelines are revised annually by HUD and can be found at

There are two levels of low income discounts available to qualifying customers. Depending on household size and your level of income the most discount you may qualify for on a three-month bill is a 72 percent reduction. The second level of discount you may qualify for on a 3-month bill  is a 43 percent reduction.

Application Process 

  1. The applicant must provide proof of income, residence and social security numbers for all household members.  If a household member does not have a social security number then a valid identification card must be provided.
  2. Information brought in by the applicant will be copied by a Solid Waste staff member and kept on file.
  3. The application will be completed and reviewed by the applicant and the Solid Waste staff member to ensure the application is complete and accurate.
  4. A valid UPC # is required to complete the application.
  5. The Solid Waste Low Income Program is explained to the applicant and they are made aware of their responsibilities as a Solid Waste Low Income Program participant.
  6. The applicant is informed that the application must be renewed yearly before March 31.

To complete and application and initiate the process, visit the Bernalillo County Public Works Division offices located at 2400 Broadway SE. For more information, please call (505) 224-1639.

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