This form is to report complaints in the unincorporated area of Bernalillo County, such as:

  • Trash dumping outstide of a landfill
  • Surfacing sewage/failed septic systems
  • Water waste (e.g. water runoff from sprinklers, time of day)
  • Illicit discharge (discharge of waste) to county drainages (e.g. motor oil, septic waste, commercial chemicals)

For environmental issues within Albuquerque's city limits, report it here or call 311.

For zoning issues, such as: storage and/or dumping of solid waste; restaurant and pool sanitation; abandoned, inoperable and junk vehicles; construction without building permits; businesses operating without a permit; storage of commercial vehicles on residential properties; excessive number of animals; open storage of trash, junk, inoperative vehicles and/or auto parts; noise; multiple dwellings on one lot; using trailers or RVs as residences; overgrown weeds; or vector control (insects, rodents); please file a zoning complaint.

An illicit discharge occurs when something other than stormwater (with a few exceptions) is released into a publicly-operated Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). Examples of illicit discharges include: pet waste, changing oil or antifreeze over or near a storm structure, washing paint or construction waste down the storm drain, yard waste, leaking trash dumpsters, failing septic systems, overflowing grease traps, operational wash water, hazardous waste and chemical spills.

Water waste is water other than runoff from natural precipitation, which flows or sprays into a public right-of-way or adjacent properties. Field inspections are more successful if you provide detailed information about the water waste. Necessary information includes the address and the best day and time to observe the waste. Please include the source of the water if it is known. If you have difficulties with this form, or you wish to file a report over the phone, please call the Water Waste Hotline at 224-2100.
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