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  • Property Address Search:  Enter only the Street name, in the street box.  Do not use AVE, BLV, BLVD, CIR, CT, DR, FWY, HWY, LN, LP, PKWY, PL, RD, ST, TER, TR, TRL, WAY, etc.
  • When you see your parcel ID number and correct full address displayed, click on the parcel ID.
  • Tax payment application is secure and encrypted; however, the URL address is long and you will see a shorter view.
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  • For mobile devices, such as a smartphone, access this application using the landscape (horizontal) view.


Bernalillo County contracts for online payment services. Point & Pay, LLC charges a convenience fee for online processing services. Credit card fee is 2.29% (or a minimum of $1.49). Checking (e-checks) is a flat non-refundable $0.45 fee per e-check. Bernalillo County does not retain any portion of the convenience fee. For example, if your total tax amount is $1,000, the total charge is computed as follows:

Credit Card Transaction      Checking Account Transaction         
Per $1,000 tax amount Per $1,000 tax amount
$22.90 Convenience Fee ($1000 X .0229) $0.45 convenience fee
$1022.90 Total Payment Amount $1000.45 Total Payment Amount

Bernalillo County does not receive any proceeds from convenience fees. All fees collected are applied to transaction costs incurred for processing the payment. 

For any questions during business hours M-F, call our ‘live’ service reps at (505) 468-7031. 

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