Bernalillo County has established a policy to guide the process for the naming and/or renaming of county buildings, dedication plaques and miscellaneous memorials in or upon county-owned or leased facilities or properties. All proposals are subject to review by the Bernalillo County Naming and Memorial Committee and the Board of County Commissioners has final approval. Naming proposals must meet the following criteria:

  1. A person, organization, group or event being memorialized through the naming of a county facility shall merit such honor through having made a significant contribution to the community or having had a significant impact on the county’s mission and purpose.
  2. Facilities shall only be names for those honorees who are deceased or who have retired and have not held public office or been employed for a period of at least five years in any capacity.
  3. If an individual does not meet the criteria above, exceptions may be made with a super majority vote by the Board of County Commissioners.
  4. Facility location shall be a significant determinant in naming recommendations in order to retain unique place names associated with historic families, geographic features, land grants or events.
  5. Facility names shall be bestowed with the full intention that such names shall be permanent.

Click here to read the full policy.

If you would like to submit a proposal for either the establishment of a memorial or the naming of a public building, street, park, or other facility, please complete the Naming Committee Request Form, located below the Process Map.

Process Map - The process for submitting a proposal

Naming Committee Request Form

Please complete all applicable areas of this form to avoid a delay in processing the request.

1. Name of requester:
Phone #
Date of request:
2. Current name of property:
3. Property address:
4. Proposed name:
5. What is the property currently used for?
6. Does the proposal involve naming something after an individual? (if no, please continue to #7.
a. If yes, is the individual deceased?
If yes, what is the date of death?
b. If no, has the individual held public office or been employed in the past five years?
If yes, dates and position held:
c. What significant contribution or impact has the individual made or had for Bernalillo County?
d. Please attach a biography of the individual:
Upload a file
7. What is the justification for the proposed name?

Naming Committee Members: Tia Bland, Chair – Communication ServicesDirector; Debbie Jo Almager – Parks and Recreation Director; Vince Murphy - Community Services Deputy County Manager; Mary Murnane – Fleet and Facilities Director; Greg Perez – Interim Public Safety Deputy County Manager; Andres Santiago – Risk Management Director; Roger Paul - Public Works Deputy County Manager; Carrie Moritomo –Cultural Services Manager
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