Audit Committee


Bernalillo County Ordinance No. 96-25

Meeting Time/Location

Every two to three months following an audit; location determined at time of convening


The Audit Committee is established to provide the internal audit contractor general guidance, priorities and potential areas for investigation and advise regarding technical issues. Coordinate the work of the internal audit contractor with the needs of the County Commission and the County Manager. The Committee audits and management studies which independently review, evaluate, and report on the following areas of County Departments, Agencies, and programs: Financial condition; accuracy of financial and property record keeping; assessment of whether the desired results or benefits established by the county have been achieved, and whether alternatives have been considered that might yield desired results at lower costs; Legal requirements of the various federal, state, and county agencies and other external agencies with which the County does business.

The County Commission as well as the County Manager has an oversight responsibility to insure that the actions of the public officials and employees of the county are carried out in the most responsible manner possible. To accomplish this end, the county requires the services of an internal audit contractor independent from the county administration which reports to the audit committee and the County Commission and/or designee.


The Audit Committee shall be comprised of three (3) members, at least one of whom is a Certified Public Accountant and one of whom is an Attorney. The County Manager will recommend individuals to serve on the Audit Committee to the County Commission which will have final approval of members of the Audit committee. Members of the audit committee will serve three-year staggered terms.

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