Public Works Selection Advisory Committee


Bernalillo County Ordinance No. 92-5, subsequently repealed by Ordinance No. 99-5, (Chapter 2, Division 3, Sections 2-391 through 2-399)Bernalillo County Ordinance No. 92-5, Section 2.398; established 4/8/92

Meeting Time/Location

The committee meets after Request for Proposals (RFP) are initiated for new projects and the committee sits to evaluate the proposals that are submitted in response to the RFP.


The Public Works Selection Advisory Committee is established to consider submittals from firms or persons responding to a “Request for Proposal” for professional architectural, engineering, land surveying or other professional services related to public works. The committee ranks the submittals and determines the consultant that proceeds to the negotiation phrase. All contracts for such services, in an amount exceeding that delegated to the county manager, requires final approval of the Board of County Commissioners.


The committee is comprised of seven (7) members and six (6) alternatives to include two (2) citizens at-large and two (2) alternate citizen at-large not associated with the county or any professional firm. Five (5) members and four (4) alternates are to be drawn from the staff of Bernalillo County and nominated by the Public Works Director or the County Manager.

The Bernalillo County Public Works Selection Advisory Committee members shall be as follows: one position shall be occupied by the public works division director or designated staff alternate and another position shall be nominated by the public works division director from public works staff along with an alternate. The County Manager shall nominate two members along with alternates. One member along with an alternate shall be a citizen-at-large, not associated with the county or any professional firm and approved by the board of county commissioners. The Board of County commissioners is not bound by the nominations submitted by the public works division director or by the county manager. If any nominations are unacceptable to the Board of County Commissioners, additional nominations shall be requested from the public works division director or the County Manager, respectively, until the Board of County Commissioners approves the nominations. All approved members shall serve two-year terms and may be reappointed for successive terms.

The county’s CIP program that handles the majority of the vertical construction (buildings) projects is known as the Facility Construction Program Manager within the Fleet/Facilities Maintenance Department. As such, this action proposes to alternate membership of the Public Works Selection Advisory Committee to allow for vertical staff from the Fleet/Facilities Maintenance Department to sit on the Committee for appropriate projects. Further, the citizen-at-large members for vertical construction projects would be from the architectural community.

Other agencies or political entities which contribute at least 30 percent or more of the total project cost of a project being considered may elect to place a voting or an advisory member on the selection advisory committee for the project. Such members shall be in addition to the five member public works selection advisory committee. 

Departments in other divisions may have procurements for professional services that warrant utilizing this ‘Selection Advisory Committee’ process. The use of alternates under Section 2-398 allows the respective Deputy County Manager, Department Director, and assigned Section Manager that are applicable to the procurement to sit on the Selection Advisory Committee in lieu of the Public Works Division staff presented above. As an example, for the Parks and Recreation trail project, the DCM for Community Services, the P&R Direction, and the assigned P&R section manager would sit on the committee. (3/26/13 Agenda item)

Public works fully administers staffing of this board.

Current Membership

Representing  Type    Name  Term
1. Assigned Tech. Svs. Mgr. Member   Public Works 05/12/2017
2. Deputy County Mgr. PW Member Public Works 05/12/2017
3. Infrastructure Plan Dir. Alternate  Public Works 05/12/2017
4. John D Maddox Alternate Horiz. Const./At-Large 05/12/2017
5. Purchasing Director Alternate Purchasing 05/12/2017
6. PW Tech. Director Member Public Works 05/12/2017
7. Roger M. Zimmerman, Ph.D., P.E. Member Horiz. Const./At-Large 05/12/2017
8. Senior Buyer Member Purchasing 05/12/2017
9. Solid Waste Director Alternate Public Works 05/12/2017
10. Tim B. Castillo Member Vert. Const./At-Large 05/12/2017
11. Alex Webb  Alternate Vert. Const./At-Large 05/12/2017
12. Facility Const. Pgm. Manager Member Facilities/Fleet 05/12/2017
13. Facility/Fleet Director Alternate Facilities/Fleet 05/12/2017

Board Contact

Roger Paul, (505) 848-1515

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