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BernCo Youth Services Center to Host Delegation from South Dakota

The Bernalillo County Youth Services Center, a national model site for the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI), is hosting a delegation from three counties in South Dakota on August 16 and 17.

BCYSC hosts south dakota delegation

JDAI Working to Keep Kids Out of Jail

The JDAI is one of many organizations throughout New Mexico working to keeping its youth out of jail.

keeping kids out of jail


Have you Connected? JDAIconnect is the best resource in the nation for systems and community staff working with youth in the juvenile justice system. Access on-line trainings innovative practice, and post questions for experts in JDAI sites from across the country to answer.

jdai connect video

Judges Call for Community Support to Keep Sex Trafficked Children Safe

Albuquerque Children’s Court Judge proposes innovative community strategies to keep sex trafficked children safe.

keeping sex trafficked children safe

Article Explores Challenges for Girls in BernCo Juvenile Justice System

Data driven, consistent quality improvement measures are leading to better outcomes for girls in the Bernalillo County juvenile justice system, but struggles and challenges remain. Learn more about the community and juvenile justice system work with girls.

girl challenges in juvenile system

An In-Depth Look at BernCo's Juvenile Justice Alternatives

Read this fascinating take from New Mexico in Depth regarding the innovative ways Bernalillo’s County's juvenile probation programs are working to keep kids out of jail.


Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities Committee Releases Documentary

JDAI sites throughout the country have been provided with strategies, tools and technologies to work at eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in the use of detention.

ABQ Journal Examines High Rates of Childhood Trauma for NM Youth

The study published in February for the New Mexico Sentencing Commission evaluated 220 juvenile offenders incarcerated in 2011 and their exposure to traumatic events earlier in their lives.

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    What is JDAI?

    What is JDAI?
    The Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) began two decades ago as a pilot project to reduce reliance on local confinement of court-involved youth.

    RRED Committee Resources

    race equity and inclusion action guide
    Advancing race equity and inclusion can sometimes seem daunting and often leaves many wondering how and where to start. This page contains documents and resources that will help orient you to the learning needed to be part of the RRED committee.

    JDAI Calendar

    View upcoming committee meetings, board meetings and events.

    BernCo Promising and Best Practice Programs for Youth

    JDAI connect
    The New Mexico Reception and Assessment Center is under review for becoming a promising practice.

    Juvenile Justice Continuum Board Application

    Juvenile Justice Continuum Board
    Submit completed applications to the BernCo Juvenile Justice Continuum Board to Gerri Bachicha at

    Why to Apply for the Juvenile Justice Contiuum Board

    about the juvenile justice contiuum board
    Learn more about the role of the Bernalillo County Juvenile Justice Contiuum Board and why you should apply to serve on it.
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