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Information on filing a zoning complaint

  • If you have a question for zoning regarding a complaint please call (505) 314-0350.
  • Complaints can be filed online or by calling (505) 314-0350.
  • Bernalillo County’s enforcement jurisdiction lies outside of the City of Albuquerque limits (refer to jurisdiction map to verify whether your area lies within the city or county)
  • New complaints will be inspected as soon as physically possible, usually within one business day. Please have the address of the property available.
  • Complainant’s name and phone number is not necessary, however if you need the county to contact you for clarification or information regarding the complaint, we will need your contact information.
  • Questions? Please use this Online Submittal Guidebook.
  • This complaint form is for zoning issues such as:
    • Storage and/or dumping of solid waste
    • Restaurant and pool sanitation
    • Abandoned, inoperable and junk vehicles
    • Construction without building permits
    • Businesses operating without a permit
    • Storage of commercial vehicles on residential properties
    • Excessive number of animals
    • Open storage of trash, junk, inoperative vehicles and/or auto parts
    • Noise
    • Multiple dwellings on one lot
    • Using trailers or RVs as residences
    • Overgrown weeds
    • Vector control (insects, rodents)
  • For filing an environmental complaint on issues such as:
    • Trash dumping outside a landfill
    • Discharge of waste into county drainages
    • ​Surfacing sewage/failed septic systems
    • Water waste (such as water runoff from sprinklers, time of day)

please visit the Public Works Natural Resources Department.

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