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The county’s Health Protection team is tasked with regulating approximately 500 food service establishments in the unincorporated area of Bernalillo County. 

Food establishment types range from full service restaurants and nursing homes to convenience stores and temporary events. Food inspection staff utilizes the Food and Drug Administration Food Code for regulating food establishments; and establishments are categorized by risk to prioritize inspection frequency.

  • Category 1 – Low-risk food establishment, such as a convenience store. Target: one inspection per year.
  • Category 2 - A medium-risk food establishment serves the general population with a quick service menu. Target: two inspections per year.
  • Category 3 – High-risk food establishments either serve a highly susceptible population (day care, nursing home) or serve a complex menu (full service restaurant). Target: three inspections per year.

To file a complaint regarding illness or sanitation at a food establishment in the unincorporated area of Bernalillo County, contact the Health Protection team at (505) 314-0310 or click here

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