Planning & Development Services

The Permitting & Development Center is the area within the Planning & Development Services Department to which applicants submit zoning, building and planning applications; and request permits.

*Until further notice, please be aware that the deadline to turn in permits is 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.*


Permit Technicians work with each customer to review the submittal materials, intake the applications, and process fees associated with those applications. A Business License Technician is also on hand to assist with business license processing and renewal. Other processes handled by the Permitting & Development Center include expired permits, recorded permits, trust accounts and addressing issues.

Here are some of the most frequently processed applications:

Building Permits

  • Residential (BRBP)
  • Commercial (BCBP)
  • Solar (BRSP)
  • Swimming Pools (BRPP)
  • Signage (BSGN)
  • Demolition (BDMO)                  


  • Electrical (ELRE / ELCO)
  • Mechanical (MGRE / MGCO)
  • Plumbing (PGRE   / PGCO)

Zoning Permissive (ZNP)

  • Metal storage
  • Smaller signage
  • Zonal certification
  • Zonal verification

Mobile Home Placement (ZNPH)

  • Impact Fee Waiver Form (IMPW)

Business Licenses

  • Commercial (ZCBL)
  • Residential   (ZRBL)
  • Out of county (ZBL)
  • Temporary   (ZTEM)


  • Non-Conforming as to Use (NCU)
  • Non-Conforming as to Regulations (NCR)
  • Expansion of Non-Conforming

Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners (BCC)

  • Cases approved with the Bernalillo County Planning Commission
  • Appeals to the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners (COA)

County Planning Commission (CPC)

  • Zone Change (ZCZ)
  • Special Use Permit (ZCSU)
  • Special Project Review (SPR)
  • Annexation (AXBC)
  • Appeal / Bernalillo County Board of Adjustment (ZBA)

Zoning Administrator Review (ZA)

  • Conditional Use (CU)
  • Variance (VA)
  • Amendment to Special Use

Bernalillo County Development Review Authority (CDRA)

Platting Action

  • Minor subdivisions
  • Major subdivisions
  • Lot line adjustment
  • Replat
  • Establishing/Removing Easements

The Permitting & Development Center staff also schedule inspections related to various permits; and are at the ready to answer general questions in regards to zoning, building, planning, and permitting procedures.

Staff Contacts:


Giovanna Jaramillo, Permit Manager
(505) 314-0392

Permit Technicians
(505) 314-0350

(505) 314-0394

Business Licenses
(505) 314-0392

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