Did you know that each year, 450 tons of poop can end up in the river?

Our pets, especially our dogs, make great companions as we enjoy the wonderful outdoor spaces of Bernalillo County. But we need to take care of our beautiful natural environment by picking up after our pets. Whether you’re enjoying an open space trail or just your own neighborhood, you can keep our county more attractive and healthier by “scooping the poop!”

Scooping the Poop - How To?

It's really not difficult, not necessarily pleasant, but simple.

  1. Put a waste bag over your hand;
  2. Pick up poop with the bag;
  3. Pull the bag back over your hand;
  4. Tie a knot;
  5. Throw it away! Level of Difficulty = 1 - it’s the right thing to do!
Poop Packs
There are many products which make it easier to pick up after your dog. You can carry leftover plastic bags from shopping or from your newspaper, or buy dispensers to carry on your leash. If you frequently walk on trails or areas without frequent trash cans, you may want to consider a “poop pack.” These products not only provide easy access to disposable bags to pick up waste, but they include a lined pocket to carry the bagged waste until you get to a trash can. Note: Bernalillo County does not endorse any products, but we include this list for your convenience.
A few such products available online include:
For more information on the impact of pet waste on our community, see our fact sheets below.
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