The Traffic Engineering Program operates and maintains the county's traffic control devices and also provides input on the design of new traffic control devices that will become the county's maintenance responsibility.

The program maintains and inspects approximately 21,175 traffic signs, 73 warning beacons, 56 traffic signals along 12 major arterials, roadway striping along approximately 278 miles of roadway, 863 traffic calming devices in numerous residential areas, approximately 15 miles of roadside barriers and 1,665 streetlights, of which 476 are county-owned and maintained. The program also administers engineering studies for the installation of traffic calming devices and oversees the associated construction activities. Meetings with neighborhood groups are conducted to increase the public's knowledge of traffic calming measures and to inform the groups of the county's role and policies regarding this activity. To ensure safe traffic control through construction work zoning in the unincorporated area, the program administers and enforces the Traffic Contol Barricading Ordinance.

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