Youth Services Center

Youth admitted to the Youth Services Center present with a wide spectrum of behavioral health and psychiatric needs.  

It is the responsibility of the behavioral health services team to screen and assess the youth, triage services specific to their individual, unique mental health needs, and communicate these needs to future providers.

The behavioral health team consists of two inter-related components.  Licensed social workers are responsible for the mental health intake screening, the immediate identification of youth that present as a potential danger to self and others, and the implementation of appropriate, empirically-based interventions.  High acuity psychiatric needs can include suicidal and/or self-harming behaviors, psychosis, extreme substance use intoxication and/or withdrawal symptoms, developmental deficit concerns, and severe depression and bipolar diagnoses. In addition to the provision of psychiatric/medication management services (UNMH), the behavioral health team provides for group psychotherapy, individual counseling, family therapy, ongoing crisis intervention, and 24/7 on-call services.

Case managers play a pivotal role as the vital link between the youth, their families, their probation officer, and designated community-based providers.  The case managers allow for effective, time-sensitive, and accurate communication among all persons involved in the youth’s case, thereby reducing the youth’s mounting stress and anxiety, and minimizing the length of stay in detention. Through collaborative efforts, the behavioral health team plays a major role in supporting residents while here at YSC.

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