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Offered as part of the regular routine for residents, our Core Enrichment Programs go beyond those conventionally offered at other institutions (or not at all). They’re intended to provide residents with unique experiential learning opportunities so that they might discover an otherwise dormant interest or talent.

Exposure is the most effective way to tap positive potential. Irrespective of circumstance, enrichment programs are essential to youth at all stages of development if they are to grow to become healthy adults.

Children learn what they live, and the last thing we want them to learn is how to do time.

YSC has no control over the decision to detain; that decision remains exclusive to and between the courts and the Children, Youth, and Families Department (CYFD). YSC has full control, however, over the decisions that are made while a youth is detained in our care. And we take this responsibility very seriously.

The enrichment programs for residents recognize that over 43% of youth detained in our care are not there due to risk of public safety, but rather the revolving door of non-compliance from an original alleged act of delinquency that snowballed into years of system involvement. Even more concerning is the fact that over 82% of detained youth were victims of child abuse or maltreatment when younger. As such, we remain dedicated to their developmental needs while in detention and work very hard to ensure that they’re exposed to enriching, positive, structured activities that reflect best practice standards for growing minds.

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