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Youth Services Medical and Dental

Medical services are available to all residents.

The Medical Department registered nurses are available every day of the week, including weekends. The medical doctor, mental health doctors, physician’s assistant, dental hygienist, and dentist (known as the medical providers) have scheduled clinics throughout the week. The nurses may choose to have youth seen by one of the Bernalillo County Youth Services Center medical providers if they feel it necessary, or youth may request to see one of them should they feel it necessary.

A youth may request to see a Nurse by filling out a “sick call slip” and putting it in the nurses' box located in each living unit. The nurses will collect, evaluate and respond to the “sick call slips” daily with the morning and evening medication passes. Youth are taught that if they want to talk to a nurse about a non-emergent issue, concern or problem, these slips must be filled out. Should a youth have a medical issue or problem throughout the day that youth feel cannot wait until the next “sick call slip” collection, they can also ask staff to call/page the nurse. Again, all youth requests and or medical concerns are held in confidence in accordance with HIPAA Laws.

Youth Services Medical Services

The medications prescribed by each youth's personal doctor, dentist or mental healthcare provider will be continued while they are detained at BCYSC after the original prescription bottle has been brought to the nurses, the prescription has been verified, and the BCYSC medical or mental health providers have ordered that the medication be continued. 

If required medical service or testing is not available at BCYSC, provisions will be made to meet those medical or dental needs.

Dental services are available to all eligible residents.

Youth may request to see the dentist the same way they ask to see the nurse. If there is a urgent or emergency dental need, they will be referred to BCYSC dental services regardless of eligibility by the nurses. 

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