Youth Services Center

Youth Services Center staff shall supervise and interact with juveniles on all shifts and in all facility living and program areas.


The Principles of Direct Supervision shall apply regarding the philosophy, practice and expectations of the center:


  1. Effective Control: The managers must be in total control of the facility at all times. There cannot be areas under de facto control of juveniles.
  2. Effective Supervision: Staff must be in direct contact with juveniles and rely heavily on personal interaction with juveniles for supervision. Manageable staff/juvenile ratios are critical for effective supervision.
  3. Competent Staff: Recruitment, training and leadership by management are necessary for direct supervision to operate as intended.
  4. Safety of Juveniles and Staff: The basic mission of a detention center is to keep juveniles safe and secure, and not expose staff to undue risk.
  5. Manageable and Cost-Effective Operations: Running a less dangerous institution allows for more architectural options, at a reduced cost, providing an incentive for juveniles to maintain acceptable standards of behavior.
  6. Effective Communication: Frequent communication between staff and juveniles and among staff is critical.
  7. Classification and Orientation: Juveniles should be closely observed in the first 48 hours of confinement (when suicide risk is greatest) and oriented to the operations of the setting. A key to being able to provide expectations of positive behavior is identifying and selecting out individuals who will not conform to behavior norms of the living unit.
  8. Justice and Fairness: Conditions of incarceration must respect juveniles' constitutional rights. Juveniles must believe that they will be treated fairly, and that there are administrative remedies for disputes.
  9. Ownership of the Operations: Continuously demonstrate the initiative, understanding, support, and abiding by the philosophy, mission, goals, values, and policies and procedures of the center.
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