Youth Services Center

The Youth Services Center provides a wide array of services to youths ages 11 to 17 who are housed there while awaiting court for an allegation of a delinquent act.  

The mission of the Youth Services Center is to protect the community from those youth placed in its custody. Youth are detained in a safe, secure, and humane environment in accordance with the principles of direct supervision and in accordance with American Correctional Association standards.

Medical and Dental Services

The medical department’s registered nurses are available to all residents every day of the week, including weekends. The medical doctor, mental health doctors, physician’s assistant, dental hygienist, and dentist (known as the medical providers) have scheduled clinics throughout the week.

Behavioral Health

Youth admitted to YSC present with a wide spectrum of behavioral health and psychiatric needs.  It is the responsibility of the behavioral health services team to screen and assess the youth, triage services specific to their individual, unique mental health needs, and communicate these needs to future providers.

Case Management

Case managers at YSC provide a variety of services to the youth in detention within the Bernalillo County Youth Services population. The primary goal of the position is to advocate for youth in the facility. This may include case expediting, coordinating care with the resident and outside agencies, advising residents of current case status, and providing an explanation of what to expect through the different facets of the juvenile justice process. 


Residents receive three nutritionally balanced meals and two snacks daily, all of which is reviewed and approved by a licensed nutritionist. Modifications for religious or medical reasons are accommodated.  In 2015, the YSC meal program began integrating organic fruits and vegetables into its regular menus.

Children’s Community Mental Health Clinic

This clinic opened in 2002 and has since served thousands of young people in the juvenile justice system who need mental health services. Working closely with the Juvenile Probation Department and the Children’s Court, the clinic offers the following services: psychological assessments, substance abuse evaluations and treatment, individual and family counseling and comprehensive community support services.  

Drug And Alcohol Treatment (AYUDA)

The Assisting Youth Under the influence of Drugs and Alcohol (AYUDA) program is an early intervention substance abuse treatment program for youth which has served the community for more than ten years. The program includes weekly group sessions that are facilitated by a licensed substance abuse/mental health provider. Individual and family services are also available. Substance abuse group and individual counseling services are also provided on a weekly basis to youth detained within the Youth Services Center.

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